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Win the war against bugs

Pest control is an essential aspect of every home or business maintenance, but it is often overlooked. Those bugs might have turned your home to theirs, become a sorry sight to your visitors, or even made your workspace uncomfortable. You do not have to worry because our professional pest control service in Sydney will get the job done for you.
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Who Are We?​

B2B Pest Control is a bug service located in Sydney that as emerged to provide holistic solutions to common pest problems in the largest city in Australia. We are a small team of experts who offer pest control services by a local licensed pest controller.
B2B started in 2016 as a small business in the city. However, barely four years in the industry, we have become a household name in Sydney because of our service quality and the team behind it. Our professionals share decades of combined experience in environmental management, and we are committed to making a difference in your space. Get to know our team better.

What Do We Do?

B2B provides a reliable and trustworthy residential and commercial pest control service through the use of fully insured pest controllers. We control bedbugs, ants, birds,
cockroaches, spiders, fleas, flies, mosquitos, rodents, wasp, pantry moths, and a host of other common pests.

Our technicians use safe chemicals all through, and we provide a complete report after completing the job. Our comprehensive, integrated pest management system has propelled us to become one of Australia’s leading pest experts.

Our Mission

To create comfortable, affordable, and sustainable pest solutions to every resident of Sydney and its surrounding areas. Thus, our ultimate goal is to:

Our Vision

Being recognized by our customers, staff, industry experts, and everyone in Sydney as the best pest control service in the state. We envision becoming industry leaders and breaking new grounds in pest control.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

We are licensed:

Our experts and the methods we used are both licensed by all relevant authorities in Sydney and Australia. In addition, we are fully insured. Therefore, you can rest assured when B2B is in charge of your area.

Safe and sustainable solutions:

All our insecticides are safe to use in commercial, public, and domestic places. The chemicals are eco-friendly. More so, they are approved by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority. They are safe for children, pets, and your family.

Competitive service rates:

Our quotes are affordable, and they provide you value. We take pride in delivering quality services that every household in Sydney and its neighbourhood can afford.

Customer satisfaction:

Our fast and highly effective pest control solutions alongside excellent customer service easily separate us from the rest of the pack. B2B Pest Control guarantees you 100% customer satisfaction.

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