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We do Inside spray, outside barrier spray, Roof void dusting, and spray door, window frame, garage, barbecue area, Fences, sub-floor, and storeroom, vegetation area.

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  • Through inspection to find the ants nest or their harbourage area.
  • Planning for their extermination process
  • Baiting gels, granules, or stations.
  • Barrier spray
  • Dusting with the electric duster

Some common ants are in Australia:

  •  Argentine ants (Linepithema sp)  Bull ants (Myrmecia sp)  Ghost ant (Tapinoma melanocephalum)  Carpenter ant (Camponotus spp)  White-Footed house ant (Technomyrmex sp)  Garden ant (Lasius niger)  Coastal Brown ant (Pheidole megacephala)  Common Black House ant (Ochetellus sp)  Funnel ant (Aphaenogaster pythia)  Pavement ant (Tetramorium caespitum)  Pharaoh’s ant (Monomorium pharaonis)

Black ants are mostly seen across Europe, North America and Australasia. It is also a common problem in Sydney properties.

Once inside and around buildings, they can cause various types of damage. Black Ants enjoy the sweet secretions of aphids and protect the aphid population, in doing so; they allow the aphids to further damage the plants they inhabit.


Generally, nests are located outdoors; they can be built in soil, hollowed trees, found in grasses or under paving slabs, behind fascias or any building voids. Foraging workers enter houses regularly in search of food, preferably sweet foods. However, only a registered licensed and experienced pest controller can explore them more accurately by this/her expertise.

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