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Birds are part of everyday living. However, if they’re nesting in your rooftop or guttering, they can easily become pests. Making sound, damaging your home, and welcoming rats, insects, and harmful bacteria – a bird difficulty can be annoying, unhealthy and costly!

Regardless of whether removing established nests, maintaining your roofs clear and hygienic, or applying lasting deterrents, Get rid of Birds is the way to all your bird manage requirements.

Why do I require a bird inspection?

Birds can access your home through broken roofs, walls or open entrance areas. They’re known to reason significant harm through:
Because of their extremely territorial character, it is very important to remove all these pests from inside and close to your house as soon as they take up home to avoid structural problems and make sure the safety and health of your family.

Remove Birds

We don’t always consider birds as a pest but they may be. Whether it’s the sound they create early each morning, the actual acidity of their droppings that can damage paintwork, or even the pecking of woodwork, many birds can be a true pest. They may bring bird mites that can bite people, creating an itchy allergy, as well as their droppings, put your family in danger of fungal lung illnesses, and germs which could cause food poisoning, like salmonella.

So when you’ve pigeons, myna parrots, starlings, seagulls or one of the numerous other bird types in Sydney, we can assist you to get rid of the trouble as humanely as feasible.

Birds Pest Control

Effectively controlling birds that is a real pest, will give your family with safety against:

Our strategy to your Bird difficulties

We use eco-friendly and humane techniques to rid your house of annoyance birds. Our skilled professionals will suggest the most effective bird pest control options for your home and needs.

You don’t need to leave your home and there will be minimal trouble for your family.

We arrive in time and leave your house exactly the way we identified it.

Our Techniques

Most Common Bird Species & Dangers

All these species are a huge problem for house and business owners. Their presence doesn’t just damage the structure but is also harmful to your physical security and wellness.

Clingy Pigeons

Also called “Rock Doves”, pigeons are usually domestic birds in Australia that have created many properties and buildings large troubles. All these birds roost in higher places and feed on grains. They're normally dependent on people with their food and shelter. Therefore, birds generally seen in where there are agricultural items, give food to mills, grain elevators, as well as warehouses.

Myna Birds

These kinds of birds are contained in the world’s best 100 most widespread birds. If you got an experience of those birds, you probably have seen their aggressiveness. Apart from being very noisy, these types of birds are territorial and may attack you at any time if they get troubled or if they would like to snatch food.

Messy Starlings

Introduced to Australia within the late 1850s, these omnivorous birds feed on pesky insects, small fruit, and seed. They feed on the floor making them much more problematic ingrown fruit plants. In towns, birds have been leading to significant problems for houses and businesses with their droppings.


Generally seen in coastal places, seagulls are local to Australia and tend to be one of the safe types under the Biodiversity Preservation Act 2016. They are lovely creatures to look at but have been leading to problems to beach home and business establishments.


Sparrows are smaller birds. The commonest types that are regarded as pests and are connected with human territories in Sydney are home sparrows. Such as pigeons, they generally depend on people for their foods and housing.

Here's the list of the 6 most common signs of bird pests in Sydney:

Sights Associated with Birds

You will notice them hanging around your home. Additionally, people may see them resting or already beginning to create nests. It’s an indicator of having a significant pest quickly.

Bird Droppings

Locals often see their droppings getting a lot more every day. Generally on your rooftop, wall space, or any flat working surface within or close to your home where they roost.

Bird Debris

Residents may have sightings of the acquired debris of feathers as well as nest. These can block or obstruct your guttering and drainage program, which could more result in damp problems. Damp damage leads to another significant difficulty which is the increasing damp.

Bird Sounds

Infested homes would hear regular bird sounds. More often than not, you'd listen to this from their baby birds.

Bad Odour

You'd odor a foul smell in and around your houses which is different from those caused by rubbish or any rotting products.

Bird Runs into

Finally, locals would encounter the existence of other insects associated with birds like flies, fleas, chicken lice, or even rats like rate and rodents.