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Cockroach PEST Control Service

B2B pest control provide cockroach control (Including German Cockroach) service in Bankstown and all over Sydney area. We use integrated pest management (IPM) system to control cockroaches for commercial and residential places.Cockroaches are not only a pest; they can make us ill. The existence of cockroaches increases the problems of asthma and allergy symptoms. The poisonous chemicals used to squirt and bomb all of them are dangerous for young children and can persist in your home.

Your house doesn’t have to become dirty to help cockroaches. When they are in your home, they can endure very little foods and drinking water. While clearing up helps, several methods utilized in combination is the best treatment.

Cockroaches are mostly found in the basement, kitchen areas, and bathrooms. 4 cockroaches are well-known in Australia: American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, German cockroach, and also the Brown-banded Cockroach.

  • A through inspection and make a plan for exterminating cockroach from the property
  • We use a super attractant Gel bait which is irresistible to roaches
  • We implement easy to use high-quality glue for attracting and catching roaches and keeps them within the trap.
  • Highly professional aerosol
  • Professional Long residue based dry and liquid chemical

German Cockroach

German cockroaches are one of the most popular types of cockroaches you’ll discover. German roach identification is easy because they’re quite short – about half an inch lengthy - and have 2 brown lines behind their minds. They are usually one of the fastest breeders associated with any roach types, which means it doesn’t take a lot of German roaches to turn your house into a full-on pest. German roaches have wings and may glide, but hardly ever fly. These people gravitate to wet locations.

American Cockroach

If a roach has afraid you out of the mind, it’s possibly an American cockroach, the biggest roach you’re likely to see in your house. With a regular size of 1 to 3 in., they're usually red-brown with a yellow-colored spot behind the head. In spite of their size, American cockroaches are extremely fast movers and can dart quickly into small crevices. They likewise have wings and that can fly like all this wasn’t enough to start with. They like warm places and gather where foods are kept.

Brown Banded cockroach

Brown Banded roaches seem towards the small end of cockroaches, from about half an in. lengthy. They’re normally dark brown with 2 light yellow-colored bands on the wings and belly. They like warm dried out, darker places to hide out - that is 1 because you might find all of them in electronics or home appliances. Though they’re able to fly, they’re prone to jump if troubled. Brow Bands are very common across America, though not as typical as German or United states roaches.

Asian cockroach

These kinds of medium-sized roaches common about half an inch longer. Asian roaches are usually dark brown or black color and don't fly. Simply because they tend to hide out in dark, watery places, they're also called “water bugs.” Asian cockroaches are great lovers of decaying natural matter, so you might see them in mulch, shrubbery or leaf piles. Actually, by cockroach specifications, they can be very difficult to find due to their elusive character and out-of-the-way hiding places.

Oriental Cockroaches

(Blatta orientalis) possess a glossy, dark-brown or black color body.
  • Females may grow up to THIRTY-TWO mm long, while adult males normally measure less than TWENTY-FIVE mm longer.
  • Neither male nor female Oriental cockroaches can handle the flight.
  • Their lifetime is normally up to 6 months.
  • Oriental cockroaches feed mainly on decaying normal issues.

What draws in Cockroaches in Sydney?

Unlike other pests, cockroaches are trouble through all the seasons of the year in hour Sydney area. They survive in various environments, and cockroaches will consume everything. Meaning there’s always a suitable location for them to subside. Let’s take a look at what draws in all of them the most.

Dirty Food

Leaving dirty meals with excess foods in the kitchen sink is not only unclean, however, it’s also a roach invite. Cockroaches like moist foods, and what much better supply is there than dishes in the kitchen sink? They can enter the kitchen sink from the drain, so they can simply walk from their hiding place to have food.


Cockroaches, such as many other pests, are extremely attracted to moisture. A leaky water pipe anyplace within your house can easily become the mating floor for cockroaches, and can also be where the roaches originate from to get into the house.


Humans aren’t the only creatures who like the flavor of a refreshing cup of Joe each morning: therefore do the roaches. Cockroaches like coffee, and much more so the grinds. People frequently discover cockroaches hiding inside their coffee machines.


A cockroach has a significant sweet tooth, and can’t get sufficient sugar. If it comes as dice or in a quick pull, all these pests want it. Cockroaches like sugar as well as fructose, the normal sugar found in fresh fruit. They specifically love to eat old and damaged fruits. This creates a unique, sweet taste after laying in the garbage for a day or 2.

Cardboard, Textbooks, as well as Wood

Wooden furnishings, old textbooks, as well as cardboard boxes are not only great hiding locations but are a delicacy for cockroaches. You might find something has been taking small bites out of your old textbooks in the back of the cabinet. This may be the doing of the roach family.Cockroaches sometimes make their way into our houses by covering inside a cardboard box or even shopping baggage. That is sometimes how they get their way into our houses, to begin with.

Meat and Fish

Cockroaches love everything with a good smell, and what’s better than morning bacon? They love to feed on other meats items too, like chicken and beef, as well as fish.The oil left in the pots and pans after cooking food is also a tasty treat for roaches. The pan left out overnight can become a meal invitation for any cockroaches living within your house.

How to Eliminate Cockroaches?

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They’re shy and want to isolate themselves in the dark in support of go out mostly at nighttime. Consequently, it’s difficult to catch them at work. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t eliminate cockroaches. There are lots of methods for killing cockroaches and we’ll be listing some of the most efficient techniques.

Be aware: Cockroaches are usually great actors – they so plausibly make the belief that to be dead, having smelled the odor of toxins, it’s difficult to not applaud their performance!

A fight against cockroaches must start with creating their atmosphere inhabitable. Here’s do the following to get this:

  • Regularly clean up your kitchen, specifically appliances and the kitchen area cover, which may be clogged with oil splashes.
  • Never keep the dishes lying close to
  • Fight moisture and mold. Cockroaches require drinking water and like warm, humid spots.
  • Do not keep behind anything that is actually “alive”, that’s, foods, drinking water, and all spilled materials.
  • Do remember the food and drinking water of dogs and cats. Additionally, remember the bins or litters of these pets that may become a real “cockroach nest”.
After sticking to all these guidelines, you can begin applying the actual techniques that kill cockroaches. Eradicating pests without the assistance of professionals can be tricky. If you plan on killing them one by one, it won’t solve the problem. For efficiently eradicating them, you will need to hire experts like us here at B2B Pest Control. We have been the experts in German cockroach extermination in Sydney for several years now. There are some common solution for German cockroach extermination Sydney
  1. Cockroach bait : Cockroaches are sneaky and it’s only good applying baits to remove all of them! Here are a few ways of baiting your small enemies. Using bait in kitchen cupboard, under the sink, hot water area. But need to careful when put the gel bait. It suppose not reachable by young kids or children , avoid any places where chances for contamination.
  1. Cockroach Traps : Cockroaches might be sneaky however they aren’t the cleverest pets – traps are one of the ways of battling against them. It’s also utilized to figure out pests places and amount of pests, check the effectiveness of insecticide remedies and identify the beginning of cockroach pests. Several kinds of traps can be bought. Nearly all are the size of a big box of fits, open at each ends, and the surface area covered with a pretty sticky adhesive and sluggish release of a foods attractant.
  • Traps are put where cockroaches are noticed the most
  • Cockroaches will smell the meals, enter the trap and become trapped on the surface
  • If the trap doesn’t get any cockroaches, move this after a day
  • Traps can be informative in terms of the number of pests and its spread
  1. Cockroach Gel bait : The applying is very discreet, doesn’t need work interruption or evacuation of areas, no special safeguards like emptying the cupboards.
  • Apply the gel exactly where you believe cockroaches’ nest entry is at
  • Apply in little drops around the access so that the cockroaches can’t prevent it
  • Do it in as many places as you can in your house
After having used the gel, the excrements from the cockroach are infested and consumed by its congeners. The polluted cockroach dies rapidly and will be devoured through its congeners infecting the active element, making a chain effect, which will rapidly result in the total damage of the colony. The actual gel has an extra action of a couple of weeks to six months based on the type of gel utilized and the atmosphere, thus giving safety against possible reinfections
  1. Cockroach Sprays : Insecticide sprays may also be used towards cockroaches. Ensure the one you get is branded for applying against cockroaches and contains Cyfluthrin or a few other insecticides as the active component.
  • Children and domestic pets must be kept out during cockroach extermination service.
  • Read and follow the directions on the labels
  • Ventilate the place properly after every applies
  • Sprays might drive cockroaches even more in their nests which might produce extra problems

Some important and interesting facts about cockroach

With increased than 4, 000 types of cockroaches all over the world, cockroach common myths abound.  But there is also a lot of amazing true info about cockroaches. Next are 10 of those facts.
  • A cockroach can survive for a week without having its head. Because of its open circulatory process, and the fact it breathes through small holes in all of its body portions, it’s not depending on the mouth and head to breathe in. The roach only dies because, without a mouth area, it can’t consume drinking water and dies of being thirsty.
  • A cockroach holds its breath for FORTY min’s and can live submerged underwater for 30 minutes. Cockroaches frequently hold their breath to assist control of their loss of drinking water.
  • Cockroaches can operate up to three kilometers in an hr, meaning they can spread viruses and germs throughout food items running facility quickly.
  • Baby German cockroaches become grown-ups in as little as THIRTY-SIX days. The German cockroach is the most typical of the cockroaches and it has been implicated in outbreaks of disease and allergy symptoms in many persons.
  • The one-day-old baby cockroach, that is about the size of the speck of dirt, can run nearly as rapidly as its parents.
  • The American cockroach shows a notable attraction to alcohol, specifically beer. It is usually attracted by alcoholic beverages combined with hops and sugar.
  • The world’s biggest cockroach (which lives in Australia) is 6 inches long with a one-foot wingspan. Average cockroaches can differ in size from one-half to 2 inches long.
  • Cockroaches are thought to have come from more than 280 million in years past, in the Carboniferous period.
  • Since they’re cold-blooded pests, cockroaches can survive without foods for one month, but will only live 1 week without drinking water.
  • These types of facts, showing cockroaches to be probably the most flexible pets in the world, clarify why controlling and removing cockroach infestations can be quite hard – and why elimination is the best safety.
We have an intensive understanding of the damage which cockroaches can cause, and we have an in-house integrated program through which we manage cockroaches. After accessing your full house, our technicians will employ a combination of several highly specialized methods.With access to state of the art equipment and the latest technologies, you can rely on an efficient service from B2B Pest Control in Sydney.Client convenience has always been one of the biggest priorities here which is why we charge a very affordable fee from our clients.Our fully licensed and insured pest control technicians are happy to help you for cockroach control and exterminate from you property in Bankstown and all over Sydney area Please call us for a free quote for cockroach control for your property or business in Sydney area.

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