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Flea CONTROL Service sydney

We provide Flea control service all over Sydney area. Our licensed pest controller are expert are specialize to exterminate flea from any property in Sydney. We have wide range of pest control solution for flea control.

In Sydney, flea production normally high in the summertime, because warm conditions and high moisture can create a perfect atmosphere for fleas year-round. Fleas lay eggs that roll off the animal and into the house.

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Tips for Get Rid of fleas Permanently

Flea control service is a two-step procedure:

Treat your own household pets
Treat your house

Look at your dog or cat to see if they are the cause of your flea problem. Go back to their hair to find fleas or fleabites in the skin. If they’ve been itching more frequently, this is a symptom they’ve become fleas.

Apply a good anti-flea shampoo and also powder to get gone the fleas your pet presently has. After that, think about using a flea collar to avoid fleas from moving in once again.

Talk to your vet for advice on applying topical or oral medicines for your types of pets. Lots of remedies can be found without doctor prescribed, while some must be recommended by your veterinarian.

Regarding your house, you’ll wish to vacuum the carpets that are the place fleas choose to hide. Throw out the carrier or remove the vacuum’s contents outdoors.

Cleaning all home bedding (yours and your own pet’s) in warm water, and drying out it on the maximum heat environment, can help kill fleas.

Also, to completely rid your house of fleas, you may want to utilize insecticides in your home, which normally requires having to go out for some time until the spray has dried.

Life cycle of flea

Fleas are a very few millimeters longer and wingless, however, they have rear legs which are improved for jumping. These types of terrible small bloodsuckers can jump nearly THIRTY cm high, which allows them to leap from the floor and onto household pets easily.

Fleas tend to be small (about 3 mm length), brownish or red browning pests that have flat body shapes

Of the 2 500 types of fleas, your dog or cat is mainly probably be impacted by Ctenocephalides felis or even the cat flea. Fleas have 4 life stages: egg cell, larva, pupa, and grownup. If you want to flea control in Sydney area, it is better know the life cycle of a flea which may help you to control them.

Flea control


Lady Fleas can lay around 20 eggs each time, normally depositing the eggs on a host or in a comfortable place. Eggs may easily move off the host; the place where your pets get to sleep is especially likely to be a breeding place for eggs.


Once the eggs hatch, a procedure that can require between a few days and a full week, fleas get into the larval stage. Because of the larva, fleas eat organic matter, like dead pores and skin and the fecal material of adult fleas.


In the pupa stage, fleas weave the silken cocoon. In its cocoon, a pupa can easily be feeling if a food resource is available and will stay dormant till it feelings a possible warm-blooded host close by. Fleas can stay in that dormant pupa phase for a few months.


Adulthood is the last phase of a flea’s lifetime, and when this phase is reached, the flea will need to take within a couple of weeks. Following this first feeding, fleas can easily live for a couple of months without food. Life for the adult flea focuses upon eating and reproducing. Adult females normally lay eggs on their host – many of those eggs can roll off your pet’s entire body. The place where pets get to sleep is especially prone to be protected with eggs. A flea’s lifetime may differ from a couple of weeks to many months based on the hospitality of its atmosphere.

Fleas Bite People without Pets?

Sure, fleas can bite pet-less people, also. Should you don’t have a dog or cat, your fleabites may be coming from your yard or some other person’s pet. Fleas like tall grass and shaded places close to decks, woodpiles, or storage houses. Just like pet owners have to take care of their houses when they become infested, getting rid of outdoors flea pests may need you to take care of your yard. When you are battling small red-colored bites after a day in your backyard, talk to a pest control professional.

Hire a Licensed pest controller:

As long as it is hard to control the fleas’ infestation, you need to call a professional pest control expert who can assist you a lot. B2b Pest Control team can assist you to eradicate the flea from your property in Sydney area,  and prevent them to come back.
Our local pest controller is fully licensed with their own insurance and expertise in their field. Our promise you to give you the safe and effective service for flea control in Sydney.
Our licensed pest control technicians are expertise to control flea in residential or commercial places such as in house,unit/ apartment, accommodation places. To get a free quote please call : 0450221393