Fruit fly control in Sydney

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Fruit fly control in Sydney


Fruit fly control solutions offered by B2B Pest Control in all over Sydney suburbs. Our licensed and insured pest control technicians offer fruit fly control services through Satrathfield, Bankstown,Lakemba and all over Sydney area.

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How to control Fruit Fly ?

Cultural way:

Fruit flies come to be active right after times of rain or high moisture. Sprays for fruit fly management may not be required in dry months. Do not allow dropped fruits to accumulate beneath trees.

Natural way:

While there are numerous of parasitoids that will help manage fruit fly populations, these kill the pest in the pupal phase and are as a result of little-used stopping harm if populations are already large. Nevertheless, they do help reduce the upcoming generation of flies, especially in remote or minor fly places.

Chemical Methods:

Use protects sprays as required if approved on the impacted plants. A protein bait for the management of female fruit flies is accepted for applying on the various tree, fresh fruit, vine and vegetable plants, and can be used in places or bands on plants. Man Annihilation Technique (MAT) cups have a male attractant and quickly destroy insecticide to control man fruit fly populations. Only licensed pest controller implement a effective chemical method fruit fly control for commercial places. We have lot of satisfied commercial clients in Strathfield, bankstown, Hurstville and sydney area.

Where can you find fruit fly?

You can find Fruit Flies flying around fruits and vegetables, both fresh and rotten. They can also be found around any moist organic matter and garbage. Fruit flies are types of pests in the Drosophilidae group. They often come out around decaying foods, and may also take a look close to fruits that aren't decaying yet. They reproduce quite quickly, so fruits that are accompanied by only some fruit flies may rapidly become a supply of growth of the small bugs.

Fruit fly control need at commercial places?

Commercial pest control often need to control fruit fly at commercial places, such as in restaurant, food processing factory, fruit shop, warehouse  etc in Sydney.  Whilst fruit flies themselves aren't related to any kind of specific health issues, there are several issues about fruit flies transporting germs in one place to another and contaminating foods with infectious microorganisms. As well as, the spread of fruit flies in one area to a far place has been seen with carrying foods from one country to a different. This has been postulated as a way of moving infectious bacteria from endemic places and spreading infectious illnesses to populations that are not protected.

The field of biology of Fruit fly

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