mouse and rat management service

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mouse and rat CONTROL

Toxic and Nontoxic both treatment options are available. So call today to discuss more suitable options for you.Around the world, rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases that can infect both people and pets by directly or indirectly. It is a very common problem in residential, commercial or industrial place.

B2B pest controls are offering a range of solution for rat control. Thanks to IPM solution system for not only eradicating them from your property but also prevent them to coming back.

Tips! Rats can be discouraged and controlled simply by denying them food and shelter.


Rats and mice will shelter and nest in places such as homes, sheds, garages and gardens, particularly:
  • in walls, ceilings and under floors
  • behind boxes, machinery and furniture
  • in rubbish heaps, wood piles, thick vegetation, animal enclosures, paper or cloth
  • in holes under buildings.

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Margaret Hersh
I was very pleased with the service I received. The technician arrived on time and well prepared. Not only was he professional and knowledgeable, but also courteous and friendly. He was patient and understanding everything. I feel confident that my pest problem has be resolved and I can rest easy now. I would recommend B2B Pest Control to anyone.
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