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B2B pest control provide the best services for mouse and rat control in Sydney area. Rats/Mouse infestation is very common problem to Sydney residence. It is very serious issues because rats carry illnesses and can damage your house or premises. . They’re not unsettled eaters and can make themselves in your house in homes, storage sheds, garages and home gardens. As well as creating uncomfortable smells and damage to home and property, feral rats also can create a danger to human health and wellness. It is better to control rats before the situation get worse by heavy infestation. So call for a free quote today.

Some Common Type of Rat in Sydney Australia

Black Rat / Roof Rat

Black rats also also known as ship rat, roof rat, or house rat—is a common long-tailed rodent of the stereotypical rat genus Rattus, in the subfamily Murinae. The black rat is black to light brown in color with a lighter underside. It available in coastal cities and in lots of downtown areas all over Australia. The black rat is usually in between 16-24cm long, having a tail much longer than the head and entire body. It grows up to between 150-200g in body weight. They have a pointed nose, big ears, and a slim physical structure. Dark rats produce 5-10 younger for each litter and also have around 3-6 litters per year. The pregnancy period is about 3 weeks. It takes only 12-16 weeks from delivery for them to get to sex maturation. They’re extremely agile and very great climbers. Their favored foods are wet fruit. Black Rats may consume close to 15g of foods per day and drink 15ml.

Brown Rat

Brown rats normally choose ground residing and burrowing, but sometimes they may be seen to climb. The brown rat is usually around 40 cm long, with a tail smaller than the head and entire body. This grows up to around 350-500g in body weight. It’s a blunt nose, smaller ear and a thicker body in comparison with the Black Rat (Rattus rattus). Rats have 7-8 younger every litter and among 3-6 litters per year. The pregnancy time is about 3 days. It takes only 10-12 weeks from birth to attaining sex maturation. Preferred foods are cereals, though they’re omnivorous. They’ll take close to 30g of foods per day and consume 60ml.

Norwegian Rats

The Norway rat generally is known as the street or sewer rat is regarded as of Asian origin, coming in the U. S. on ships from some other states in the 1700s. Nowadays, Norwegian rats are found around the world. Norway rats have pretty bad eyesight and are colorblind. Regardless of this, some other senses, like listening to, odor, feel and tastes are keen. While not very agile, they can handle running, climbing, jumping as well as swimming. Norway rats are generally known to damage houses and properties through their gnawing.


Rats and Mouse Control Service

There are 2 ways these unwanted pests can be handled: chemical and non-Toxic technique.

 The chemical process requires baits and techniques of bait types, managing, and place for effective effect.

 The non-chemical technique requires:

 Stopping entry: make sure all crevices are usually blocked, home windows have tight screens, pet doorways are also considered

 Keep good hygiene: keep foods stored away in covered pots; eliminate uneaten pet foods

 Mechanical equipment, to trap these types of unwanted pests

 Mechanical equipment on wall space, done through the rat rubbing it’s oiled and greased hair

 Regular home inspections by a Pests Control Professional, to determine the perfect control technique for you.


Bad Sanitation

One possible cause of an infestation could be a result of bad sanitation. Along with health issues and other difficulties, bad sanitation causes a situation where mice and rats have easy access to foods and water resources, helping them to move in and build a nest in your house.

Seeking Shelter inside House

Mice and rats are continuously searching for shelter that can act as a possible nesting site for their younger. Outside the house, leaf heaps, deep mulch, and any other kind of dirt pile can act as a secure nesting site for the colony. From there, the rats will then eat through the siding of the house and get in.

Looking for Shelter around the House

Fire woodpiles are also attractive to both mice and rats. Piles of wood such as firewood can provide as a shelter for rats if they can get on from the soil. Dumped furnishings, cars, any other things that may act as prospective shelter are also attractive to rats. For those who have shrubs or plants near your house, rats may look for shelter in those places as well.

Adjustable Factors

There are lots of issues that make our houses much more susceptible to a rat infestation. Some elements can’t be managed, however, they should be resolved, so you can consider every possible preventative measure.


Rats and mice will shelter and nest in places such as homes, sheds, garages and gardens.Mice and rats are going to shelter and nesting in areas like houses, storage sheds, garages, and home gardens, especially: in wall space, ceilings and underfloor surfaces, behind and under cabinets or bathtubs, behind the box, equipment, and household furniture, in garbage heaps, wooden piles, thick plants, pet enclosures, papers or cloth, in holes under houses. To identify their infestation you need find rat or mouse drooping on following area: 


Observe our rat top ideas under on useful techniques to help to prevent rat trouble in your home.

Keep foods in metal or glass pots with tight-fitting covers.

Clean up indoors and around the backyard garden – less clutter means reduced locations to hide.

Put outside rubbish bags in metallic garbage beers with safely fitted covers to prevent all of them from feeding on contents.

Clean up pet foods and bird seeds debris, as well as keep pet foods in robust pots with fitted covers – preferably above walkout.

Always keep home gardens free from the rubble and maintain clutter to a minimal.

For those who have compost heap don’t consist of natural foods waste, because this can bring in them.

For those who have already noticed indicators of rats, like droppings, protection may already be very late.

We’d tell you to act rapidly to get rid of rats and stop a bigger infestation developing.

B2B pest controls are offering a range of solution for rat/mouse control. Thanks to IPM solution system for not only eradicating them from your property but also prevent them to coming back.

Tips! Rats can be discouraged and controlled simply by denying them food and shelter.

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