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We have been setting new standards by offering the fastest and most effective pest control solutions. Be assured of getting the pest controlling done in a safe and secure manner and that too at the best price.

German cockroach

The German cockroach is a smaller species of cockroach, it typically measures 13-16mm in length when it reaches adulthood.

Bed Bugs

It’s a homeowner’s biggest fear, waking up in the bed with bites and blood droplets all over the sheets.

Spider Control

We do residual based spray and powders to treat the spider that will provide long time protection.

Ants Control

We do Inside spray, outside barrier spray, Roof void dusting, and spray door, window frame, garage, barbecue area

Flea Control

Fleas are usually found in animals like cats and dogs. Like sandy areas. They need blood to breed.

Mouse and Rat

Around the world, rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases that can infect both people and pets by directly or indirectly.

About Us

Affordable. Reliable. Thorough.

We use only the “Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority” (APVMA) approved pesticide. Our slogan is “safe and effective” service. Every day we work hard to make our service better and better. We spend more time to do pest inspection for a great outcome whether it is commercial or residential pest control.
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Residential Pest Control

We offer a complete service packaged which has been carefully designed to keep environments pest-free and homes, families and pets protected, all at the same time. We apply residual materials which may include Gel Bait, Professional water based insecticide, Dry Powder, insect growth regulator , effective against the heaviest infestations, yet extremely low in toxicity to humans and pets. Price starts from $90*.

Commercial Pest Control

Effective commercial pest control doesn’t happen by chance. It requires well planned and executed strategies customised to your specific industry and commercial facility. Our tailored pest management programs are proven to eliminate current activity, deliver long term protection and reduce your overall costs from pest problems. Price starts from $120*.

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