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We offer residual spray and powders with a good chemical that will help a lot to decrease the pest population as they come into the areas of your home. Spraying under the sink, up under the bottom of the sink and even upside around the doors and windows will help protect some of those tiny little cracks and crevices where the common pests, such as the ants, beetles, and cockroaches will come in to feed on that food.

It is recommended that yearly pest control measures must be taken. The common pests that are found in homes include German cockroach or any common type cockroach, bed bug, fruit fly, flea control, ants, Rat/mouse control, silverfish, carpet battle control.

We cover kitchen bedrooms, living room, roof void for the house, widow, door frame, electrical appliances. Using professional grade spray, Gel bait, dust powder using an electric duster, monitoring tape. We also use the chemical and non-chemical method. Safe product, Australian approved products, License technician with insurance. Free advice to manage all these pests is given here for your guidance and ease in controlling them.

The most important areas that we consider are the kitchen and the storage places. These are the places that are mostly attacked by pests. Given below is the detail.


Kitchen Pests

We have different pests all round in our homes, especially in the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a lot of food and a lot of water that you bring on and clean up. Small tiny pieces can fall off, and these small things may feed a rat or an ant for a week or more. You also have stored products in your kitchen. Therefore, some chances stored product pests will attack them if you keep them for a long period. Flower beetles and grain beetles should be in your pantry around your grain type items. Also, you may also have fish, chicken, and beef in the kitchen; there will be pests of their category. If you have insects around the sink and the stove, the main problem is that there is a lot of food there. That is why a lot of insects and bugs are coming around to eat that food.


Baits Sprays

We have a lot of pests control baits, sprays, and powders. These baits are formulated to mimic and, in some cases, better than the foods that you may have left around. These little syringes are some easy application devices are great for treating around cracks and crevices, and doors and windows where aunts, rats, and cockroaches may come in. This is a great device, and our industry has been made better by putting it into an aerosol can. We get some of the same bait formulations the aerosol can, and it becomes a lot easier to apply. You can apply the small bits of it in every corner of your home.


Powder Products

These products last a long time. They are very attractive for all kind of pests depending on the formulation of the products. There are also some dry formulations of the some of same ingredients used in their liquid counter products. The ingredients are in the form of a dry powder which is great for dusting into holes. These are great for reaching behind the switches and electrical plugs because the dust will go in there and it will remove the pests for it for a long time.


Stored Product Pests

There are some insects that we might see on our stored products that are, the flower beetles, Indian grain moths and the different type of grain beetles in the pantry that you bring from the grocery store. The stored product pests are the pests that get into the products that are typically stored. It includes grains, such as cereals, crackers, and even spaghetti.

Some of the grocery stores, even some of the producers, sometimes, do not control their products well enough to keep all of the products out.

What we offer for them are the spray cans that have appropriate chemicals that can be sprayed in and around the pantry. Normally, you have to remove all of your products from the pantry and try to get control of any of the larvae or eggs that are happened to be not inside the product.

The most important thing is to go through these products, especially your grain products, you will find weevils. Take out the product and do goo inspection to remove any such pest, if present.

This is how we are providing the best and the most effective products to help you make your home, especially the kitchen, pest free.

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