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Spider control services in Sydney are essential for the homeowner, Strata management company, or the resident of every property. We do residual-based spray and powders to treat the spider that will provide long-time protection. Our expert technician will do the spot treatment for ground-dwelling spiders such as the infamous Sydney Funnelweb, and Redback spiders that live above, though close to the ground.
B2B pest control offers spider control services inside and outside the property. Our services include barrier spray outside the house, inside the roof void, subfloor, fence, treatable furniture outside the home.

Some common dangerous type Spider in Sydney Australia

Funnel-Web Spider in Sydney

Regarded as the world’s most threatening spider, the Sydney Funnel-Web is mostly a recurring existence in New South Wales, located both in back home gardens as well as bushlands. Their attacks are poisonous and can lead to the man’s nervous system to turn off, causing death in 15 min’s flat.

Redback Spider

 The Redback spider is exceptionally venomous with a distinctive significant red-colored stripe on its entire body. It’s found all over Australia but sometimes makes a house out of sheltered, quiet locations like mailboxes or below toilet seats.

Mouse Spider

The mouse spider is usually seen in bushes, burrows, or even slithering its way into suburban yards. A total of 8 types of mouse spiders typically are spread out over the area of Australia and are regarded as one of the most deadly spiders.

White-Tailed Spider

The White-Tailed spider is known as after the unique white-colored stripe on their body. Local to Southeast and East Australia, it is located both in natural and downtown areas. All these nomadic critters wander by night time looking for foods which are, actually, some other lesser powerful spiders.


  • Inside and outside spray
  • Spot treatment
  • Barrier spray around the property
  • Treat fences area
  • Spraying dusting powder roof void area
  • Creating sub floor area


  • Redback spider: Redback spider likes to live in the dry sheltered area, such under rocks and benches or furniture’s, inside the fence, in the roof voids area.
  • Huntsman spider: Huntsman spiders tend to live under rocks and bark thus their very flat body shape – which makes them very adept at squeezing into cars.
  • Funnel-web spider: You can find them in sandy soils in moist areas, under rocks and logs. The males go wandering to find a female mate in autumn. Some time can come into houses and hide in shoes.
  • White-tailed spider: Like cool moist locations, such as the mulch in garden beds. Will come inside in summer to escape the heat, often hiding in sheets and clothing on the floor.
  • Andrews Cross spider: St.Andrews Cross spiders live in trees and bushes often building significant webs which can span up to a meter or more.
  • Black House spider: Normally found under rocks and in trees. Sometimes it can building webs around the home; around windows, doors etc.

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Very reliable and efficient service. I have received their service twice in two years, you can really rely on them. Mr Arif was very professional and knows what he is doing. They offer very competitive price. 100% satisfied and I would recommend them to anyone out there having problems with PEST. I would recommend B2B Pest Control to anyone.
Margaret Hersh
I was very pleased with the service I received. The technician arrived on time and well prepared. Not only was he professional and knowledgeable, but also courteous and friendly. He was patient and understanding everything. I feel confident that my pest problem has be resolved and I can rest easy now. I would recommend B2B Pest Control to anyone.
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