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Pest Control Services | Sydney

B2B PEST CONTROL providing pest control service in the Sydney area since 2016. We have been setting new standards by offering the fastest and most effective pest control solutions. Be assured of getting the pest controlling done safely and securely and that too at the best price. Our services totally focused on the Integrated pest management (IPM) system. Our Sydney based local licensed pest controller provides services for exterminating cockroaches, bedbugs, spider, black ants, rat & mice, flea, wasp, fruit fly, German cockroaches.

Residential : From $90
We offer a complete pest control service packaged by Lakemba, Bankstown, and Sydney’s based pest controller. Our services designed to protect the homes, businesses from unwanted pests. We apply residual base materials, which may include Gel Bait, Professional water-based insecticide, Dry Powder, insect growth regulator, effective against the heaviest infestations, yet extremely low in toxicity to humans and pets.
Commercial: From $120*
Effective commercial pest control doesn’t happen by chance. It requires well planned and executed strategies customized to your specific industry and commercial facility. Our tailored pest management programs are proven to eliminate current activity, deliver long term protection, and reduce your overall costs from pest problems.

Our Sydney based licensed expert pest controller will help you to eliminate bed bugs from your home and accommodation premises. We provide a two-visit service for exterminating completely. To know how much cost for pest control service, for bed-bug, please call us to hire an expert bed bug controller.

Wish to live pest-free life in Sydney?

B2B Pest Control provides pest management services in Bankstown and all over the Sydney area to residential & commercial property. We use only the “Australian Pesticides, and Veterinary Medicines Authority” (APVMA) approved pesticide.

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B2B Pest Control Sydney | Bankstown

Highly trained staff

We have qualified and fully experienced pest controllers with insurance.

Safest Products

Our pesticides are eco-friendly and industry approved with no adverse effects.

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Optimal results and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with fast and effective service.


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Why Choose Us

We are the best-licensed pest controller near you. Depending on the type of pests you require controlling and the severity of the problem, we will develop a course of action that is most suitable to eradicate the problem and have you feeling at ease and comfortable in your home and office again.

Safe and effective products

We strive to help our customers achieve minimal pest activity around their homes using eco-friendly and Australian government Approved pesticides.

Fully insured business

Our works cover-up by insurance. Trust us as we will take any legal liability in case of any property damage due to our service.

We beat any listed prices

If you are looking for the most reasonable pricing, we are the one you should trust as we will give you attractive discounts in pest control. We try to keep our prices affordable. However, never compromise with the quality.

Services Warranty*

We safeguard your interest by providing you with a service warranty that ensures that you will get the best results always by choosing us. 6 Months service warranty* available for bed bug control.

We have been setting new standards by offering the fastest and most effective pest control solutions. Be assured of getting the pest control done safely and that too at the best price.

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Get over with the pest infestation issues by choosing Australia’s leading pest control experts.

FAQ Pest control

Do you have any queries related to our pest control services? Please take a look at our FAQ section that will clear all your doubts regarding our services.

Yes! Without an inspection, we wouldn’t know the amount of infestation and what type of pest we have to deal with.

Its depend what kind of pest you want to treat and the treatment procedure is involved. There are several options are available. Please give us a call to discus about your concern.

Not necessarily. It depends on your needs and budget to make a choice but, we would offer you the best price when compared to the rest.

As we use Australian approved products, and our technicians are experienced and well trained, so we proud to say that our service is fully safe for human or pet.

Experience a stress-free pest Control!

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Pest control Service Area

B2B Pest Control Sydney provides pest control service near Lakemba, Bankstown, Minto, Parramatta, Campsie, Punchbowl, Strathfield, and all around Sydney Suburbs.